Technology: Centrifuges


We have experience with Sharples, Tomoe, AlfaLaval and Pieralisi centrifuge systems in a variety of sludge and drilling mud dewatering applications. Our trailer-mounted units can handle up to 250 usgpm of feed and meet US and Canadian DOT requirements for travel without permit.

Key Features

  • Air-purged control room with deployable snorkel
  • Dragon™ trash pumps with VFD control
  • 0 to 40 usgpm polymer injection pump
  • 300 gallon polymer educator and tank agitator for mixing dry polymet
  • Tomoe, Sharples, Tecumseh, HudsonHayes or AlfaLaval centrifuge with complete range of control
  • 270 gallon centrate tank
  • 0 to 250 usgpm centrate pump with VFD control