Project: 5,000 gpm Filtration & Blending Skids


We were given just 8 weeks to design-build-commission a high-capacity filtration and blending system designed to provide real-time feed to hydraulic fracturing operations at rates as high as 5,000 usgpm (19 m3/minute). The system included high-capacity cartridge filtration units combined with a customized blending skid that allowed the operator to pre-select a target salinity (TDS) within specifications.

Key Features

  • High flow rates
  • Reduced operator changeout frequency
  • Automated flow, pressure and salinity (TDS) measurements
  • Operated at temperatures approaching 100C
  • High turbidity feedstock included flowback, surface runoff (dugout, stream)
  • Dual offloading stations from tanker trucks with quick-connect couplings